Technology: The Secret to An Easy Commute
It's no secret that commuting can be stressful. Yarra Trams is helping passengers breeze through their commute with the help of IBM Smarter Infrastructure software. Using data, mobile, analytics and cloud technology, Yarra Trams is improving service reliability and getting passengers where they need to go on time.

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Automated sensors at Yarra Trams’ primary maintenance depot collects information about tram wheel condition. When analyzed, this previously inaccessible data helps Yarra Trams improve response to potential issues, better schedule maintenance and prevent service delays. Additionally, tram stations are linked by an extensive network, which records electrical irregularities before damage occurs.

Predictive Maintenance
Yarra Trams is minimizing tram downtime by fixing equipment before it breaks. Trends or patterns in tram and infrastructure repair history are identified through data analysis and used as a guide for scheduling predictive maintenance. Maintenance crews receive work orders remotely on mobile tablets, enabling repairs and potential disruptions to be addressed before service is delayed. After a work order is completed, the crew logs details for future reference about follow-up maintenance and time spent on the repair.

Big Data & The Passenger Experience
Yarra Trams has over 91,000 different pieces of equipment – from trams to power lines and tracks – all of which are a source of data. Collected through sensors and employee and passenger reports, this data is critical in understanding the health and efficiency of the tram network. Using insights from this data, Yarra Trams can quickly respond to maintenance issues, prevent service delays, re-route trams and communicate real-time details about tram schedules to passengers – keeping the trams running safely and on time.

The Tram Data Hub
Yarra Trams employees access information about tram services at their desk and on the go through one central knowledge hub using IBM Smarter Infrastructure software. Sharing data about tram services on one centralized database cloud platform improves collaboration between Yarra Trams’ 12 different business units.

Tracking Trams
Commuters can track tram arrival, departure or delay in real-time and navigate alternative routes using TramTRACKER®, a mobile application for passengers. 185 million trips are taken on Yarra Trams annually and TramTRACKER® handles more than one million passenger requests each day. Using TramTRACKER®, commuters can determine if they have enough time to grab a coffee or answer one last email without missing their tram.