Yarra Trams Interactive Infographic

Yarra Trams Interactive Infographic

Yarra Trams Interactive Infographic Overview

Rossman Art designed and illustrated this interactive Smarter Infrastructure infographic for IBM’s external communications department. IBM used this infographic to help describe a real-world use of IBM’s predictive analytics software capabilities with Yarra Trams transportation infrastructure. The infographic was assembled in HTML with embedded CSS so the final product could be delivered in as few files as possible. All the graphics reside in a background image while CSS3 handles the rollover effects.

Careful observers may notice a difference between the background graphics in the showcase images at the top and the smaller image to the left. Several versions of this infographic were produced. IBM and Yarra eventually chose the background without the visual data connections. My personal preference was in favor of the lines of 1’s and 0’s, even though it made for a slightly busier graphic. I felt it better illustrated the interconnectivity of the data infrastructure.

Yarra Trams Thumbnail

Below is an excerpt from an article posted by Wendy Boswell on the Service Management 360 Blog and a link to the interactive infographic.

How Yarra Trams stays on track with IBM Smarter Infrastructure

Posted by: Wendy Boswell

Ever wonder how major transportation systems stay on time, stay on track, and keep customers happy? Melbourne’s tram system, Yarra Trams, is the world’s largest, coming in with over 250 kilometers of double track and operating for more than 100 years. Eighty percent of these trams intermingle with other traffic on shared road space. Every year, nearly 185 million trips are taken on the network, which takes more than 91,000 pieces of equipment to operate and includes trams ranging in age from eight to 74 years of age. Keeping the system running smoothly and on time requires a unique combination of rapid response to service disruption, preventative and predictive maintenance of assets and frequent communication with passengers. And don’t forget about the human factor in all of this – more on that from IBM ISV Ecosystem Blog: via How Yarra Trams stays on track with IBM Smarter Infrastructure « Service Management 360.

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