Littleton 300th web site

Littleton 300th web site

The Littleton 300th web site is a pro bono publico project, built and maintained by Rossman Art for the Littleton 300th Committee. This site was active into early 2016 (two years after the 2014 anniversary), and served as an archive for photos and documents related to the tercentennial celebration.

Here is an excerpt from the Littleton 300th home page:

Littleton Turns 300 in 2014!

The Board of Selectmen voted on January 11, 2010 to establish a General Planning Committee for the Town of Littleton’s Tercentenary Celebration in 2014. The following members have been appointed by The Board of Selectmen to the Tercentenary General Planning Committee: Mary Dugan, John K.Holmer, Ann Himmelberger, Kathy Knox, Mildred A. McGovern, Robin Sewell, Michael Crory, and the Town Administrator. Members of the General Planning Committee oversee subcommittees estiblished for the six main events – Opening Ceremony, Ball, Picnic, Parade, Fireworks, Closing, and a Legacy subcommittee.


300th Committee Mission

The mission of the Tercentenary General Planning Committee (also known as the 300th Committee) is to create a memorable and meaningful Tercentenary Celebration in 2014 for our town and use this 300th anniversary as a catalyst to unite Littletonians, beautify our town, and instill a sense of pride in our community.



What is it? This subcommittee of the Littleton 300th continues to fine tune proposals to celebrate the anniversary of our incorporated town! Specific projects are being developed to help beautify Littleton as well as instill a sense of appreciation for our past and future. Look for a “Welcome to Littleton” engraved boulder at Mannion Place on the Littleton/ Acton border during the next few months. Legacy has some fantastic ideas!

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